Belleruche - The Liberty EP

buy it! released 01 Mar '10 on Tru Thoughts (TRUEP207) format: 12, CD

Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not That) (Hint Remix)

Lifting the lid on this exciting work in progress, “The Liberty EP” provides a first ever release for two stunning new tracks from these sessions.

In their brand new subterranean Hackney studio, christened the Cave, Belleruche are working on new noises – riffs, beats and ideas that are coming together for their heavily anticipated third album. Locked away into the night, fuelled by rum and coffee, and with no neighbours to throw a brick through the window, Kathrin deBoer, Ricky Fabulous and DJ Modest can turn up their amps and chase the sounds to where they want them to be, while equipment collected from street corners and flea markets along the way adds new and unexpected elements to the fuzzy mix.

The highly covetable 12” vinyl EP with a bonus 10 track CD also features breathtaking and previously unreleased acoustic versions of “The Itch” and “The Duck” and a host of new remixes of classic Belleruche tracks by producers including label-mate Hint and ‘remixer to the stars’ Aldo Vanucci, offering an eclectic and fresh alternative take on Belleruche’s catalogue.

The first new song, “56% Proof”, is a slightly sordid disco trip into a b-reel world, whisking you off to a 4/4 city quarter where drinks are served by clockwork robots in bars propped up by beautiful androids drinking flaming cocktails. Tune into the illegal radio signal. Belleruche will meet you by the docks. Don’t talk to people you don’t want to understand.

“Gold Rush” is a rapid, syncopated lyrical rant about the state of things. With strings salvaged from a skip in a Budapest back street; guitars channelled from a ‘50s spaghetti western that was never broadcast due to the prudish moral climate at the time; vocals that whisper truths in one ear and extravagant stories in the other; and drums that hold the whole damn thing together, Belleruche have made a record that sounds like driving across corporate Europe, trying to escape something, and not being entirely sure what it is.

Belleruche’s second album, ‘The Express’, hit Number 1 in the iTunes Electronic album chart in late 2008, and the lead single, “Anything You Want (Not That)” was given the prestigious accolade of iTunes Single Of The Week, with over 50,000 downloads, as well as daytime radio play from Nemone (6Music); and in early 2009 Belleruche recorded a live Maida Vale session for Mark Lamarr (BBC Radio 2). Having wowed crowds at Glastonbury and Montreux Jazz Festival, the trio have since been touring extensively across Europe and beyond. Their many gigs have led them to push their live and studio work towards a tougher, darker and more complex dancefloor sound, yet they still retain the intuitive embodiment of timeless irresistibility that suggests their army of fervent fans will only keep growing with each release.