Tru Thoughts 10th Anniversary LTD 3xCD

buy it! compilation track released 16 Oct '09 on Tru Thoughts (TRUCD200) format: CD

A stellar 3 CD compilation celebrating 10 years and 200 releases of quality independent music…

Tru Thoughts Recordings released its first ever 12”, the dancefloor-directed “Alarming Frequency” EP by Steady, on 1st September 1999, from an ‘office’ under Robert Luis’ stairs in Brighton. Luis and co-founder Paul Jonas were inspired to follow their dream and start the label by a phenomenal response to the wide-ranging musical policy of their renowned Brighton club nights, phonic:hoop and Shake Yer Wig. Now, 10 years, an incredible 200 releases, and an upgrade in company premises later, comes this celebratory limited edition triple CD compilation. Featuring a two disc ‘Best Of’, packed with the Tru Thoughts classics, and an extra-special bonus disc of previously unreleased music recorded especially for the occasion, this limited edition release comes in a covetable premium package with a 24-page booklet bursting with glossy photos and juicy tales. Quite simply a must-have for the ardent Tru Thoughts army of fans, and for those less familiar it is a catch-all introduction to one of the UK’s foremost independent record labels.

In addition to the fruitful stream of up-and-coming artists that Tru Thoughts has developed over the years, nurturing and guiding many to become renowned as leading lights in their musical fields (Quantic, Alice Russell, Bonobo, Nostalgia 77), recent times have seen an influx of established musical figures flocking to the label. National treasures of contemporary jazz and experimental music, Keith and Julie Tippett, collaborated with Nostalgia 77 on the widely acclaimed ‘Sessions’ album; and Stonephace – the supergroup featuring Working Week’s Larry Stabbins and Portishead’s guitarist Adrian Utley – brought their groundbreaking album into the fold, releasing it in May ’09 to immense praise from both high brow jazz commentators and club DJs alike. Alongside these high profile releases, Tru Thoughts continues to seek out and promote fresh talent, giving each artist the freedom to express their musical vision and allowing the music to speak for itself.

Playing like a who’s who of the current Tru Thoughts roster, including Quantic (in his many musical incarnations), Belleruche, The Bamboos, Hot 8 Brass Band, Stonephace, Nostalgia 77, Lizzy Parks, Flevans, Domu, Hint, Natural Self and Kylie Auldist; alongside previous acts such as the mighty Alice Russell, Bonobo and TM Juke; the music on this compilation paints a colourful sonic picture of the history of the label. Tru Thoughts’ staff and artists were asked for their choices, and the selection that you see here have all been pivotal tracks in different ways; some were big sellers, many reflect the producers or vocalists perfectly, some have been massive tunes in clubs and others are simply the songs that are never far from the office stereo – the ones that are guaranteed to raise a smile no matter how many hundreds of times they’re played.